World's Top Executive Recruitment Firm for Rail, Transportation,
& Mobility
Since our founding in 1988, Edna A. Rice Executive Rail Recruiters
have focused exclusively on the rail, transportation and mobility
industries. No other global search firm can make that statement.
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We are the experts... the industry,
and the people.
We are not resume flippers: we take great care in putting our
candidates through a rigorous process that ensures the client
can expect only high-quality candidates from us.
A One-to-One Approach to Recruiting Our reputation
speaks for itself.
Our empathy and understanding of the business needs as well as
the individual or candidate needs enable us to make high-quality,
win-win recommendations.
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Since 1988

In-Depth Knowledge,
Broad Perspective

We are proud to be the world's most accomplished executive recruiting search firm specializing in rail, transportation, and mobility. Our clients include a wide range of companies within these industries, and our placements range from CEOs to repair technicians.


About Our Company

The Search Firm of Choice for the Industries We Serve

Since our founding in 1988, Edna A. Rice Executive Rail Recruiters have focused exclusively on the rail, transportation, and mobility industries. No other global search firm can make that statement. We have recruited hundreds of CEOs, senior executives, operations managers, engineers, sales, marketing, and plant personnel. We are proud to be the search firm of choice for the industries we serve.

Edna A. Rice

Edna’s experience has grown alongside her company, which now fills positions in all sectors of the rail and transportation industries. She and her experienced recruiters serve the United States, Canada, and Mexico at all levels.

More About Us

Edna A. Rice


Our Services

We offer three different types of candidate searches; we partner with our clients to discuss and understand their needs, then we apply the search that will most effectively target those needs.


Our Recruiting Process

Our recruiters maintain a proactive mindset when partnering with company executives to find the right talent to fill every critical position. Our clients know they can count on us to take a one-to-one approach on each search we are entrusted to conduct.

  • Getting to Know the Business Client
  • Understanding the Job Requirements
  • Gathering Comprehensive References
  • Presenting the Qualified Candidates
  • Facilitating Interviews, Screenings, and Assessments
  • Facilitating the Offer Process
  • Developing and Maintaining Long-Term Relationships
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Job Seekers

The Perfect Fit

When our clients (employers) call us looking for the perfect candidate, our internal database is the first place we search. Having a current resume and profile in our confidential system gives you priority.


A Team of Industry Experts

Meet Our Recruiters

The combined expertise of our recruiting team in the industry and labor market allows us to communicate your company’s vision of the opportunity, a vision well-qualified candidates may not take away from simply reading a job description.

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2024 Conference Schedule

Dates Event City Attendees
Mar 5-6 SWARS Galveston, TX Tim, Julie, Amy
Mar 3-6 Rail Equipment Finance (REF) LaQuinta, CA
Mar 12 Railway Age Net-Gen Freight Rail Chicago, IL
Mar 24-26 ASLRRA Kansas City, MO Tim, Julie
Apr 15-16 Rail Advocates-Annual Southwestern Rail Conference Dallas, TX Julie
Apr 30 North American Rail Shippers (NARS) Chicago, IL
May 1 Traffic Club of Chicago Annual Dinner Chicago, IL
May 8 ASLRRA Railroad Day on Capitol Hill Washington, DC
Jun 2-5 APTA Rail Conference Cleveland, OH
Jul 9-10 REMSA+RSSI 2024 Exhibition Louisville, KY Julie
Jul 10-11 Midwest Association of Rail Shippers (MARS) Lake Geneva, WI
Jul 14-17 American Railway Development Association (ARDA) Annual Meeting Minneapolis, MN
Aug 4-7 APTAtech Philadelphia, PA
Sep 8-11 Railway Supply Institute 2024 Expo & Technical Training Conference Chicago, IL
Sep 15-18 AREMA Louisville, KY Tim, Julie
Sep 29 - Oct 2 APTA Transform Anaheim, CA Tim
TBD Railway Age/RT&S Women in Rail 2024 Conference TBD
Nov 14-16 Rail Trends New York, NY Tim