Edna A. Rice

Edna A. Rice


Edna Rice, who is considered the world’s most accomplished transportation recruiter, began recruiting in 1985 when she opened a new office as a working manager for Management Recruiters in Ventura, CA. In 1986, she was recruited to manage another office for this company in Houston, TX. At the time, Houston was amid an oil and gas downward spiral. With hard work and determination, she successfully expanded the office nationally, diversifying into other industries, which resulted in a profitable business for the first time in years.

Quite by accident, she suddenly found herself recruiting and quickly filling four, open positions for a railroad, after which she continued to partner with many more rail-related companies. Since that time, she has never lacked for work in this industry. In 1988, she started Edna A. Rice Executive Recruiters, broadening her company globally in all areas of rail, transportation, and mobility.

Her team collectively offers 50+ years recruiting expertise, seeking, identifying, and landing the “purple squirrels,” a term used by recruiters when searching for the very best talent for any given job. Each recruiter strives to stay relevant by participating in industry educational programs, reading current news, and continuously having conversations with industry insiders.

Edna’s team supports a wide array of industry associations, organizations, and agencies through sponsorships, attendance, and volunteerism each year. We take full advantage of the in-person opportunities to personally meet with clients and candidates. Feel free to reach out to Edna via email or phone to get started on your next critical search.