Edna A. Rice

The Definitive Edge on Executive Recruiting

Successful, results-driven recruiting requires hard work. That's a given.

But it also requires skill in navigating a maze fraught with dead ends. It takes a solid end-to-end process to draw out the best candidates and generate offers that will keep them once they are found. The knowledge and expertise needed to drive that process are seldom found within companies that have their own talent recruitment teams; benefits in terms of time and resources go unrealized. Edna A. Rice has a proven track record of finding highly-qualified candidates, including those who don't (yet) know they're interested, for even the most challenging-to-fill executive positions. We navigate the maze for you.

Our recruiters start with a proactive mindset when partnering with company executives to find the right talent to fill a critical position. Our clients know they can rely on us to take a one-to-one approach on each search we are entrusted to conduct. Developing and maintaining long-term relationships as a true partner is our modus operandi. It has enabled us to continue working with our valued clients and candidates year after year over the life of our company.


Our Executive Searches

What type of search is best for you?

We offer three different types of searches as described below. Please call us to discuss which service best fits your current needs. We welcome the opportunity to partner with you.

A retained search is an exclusive search agreement. A search fee is agreed upon before the search begins, and payments are paid as milestones are reached (e.g., when the search begins, when the offer letter is extended, and upon the candidate’s start date).

With a retained search, all resumes and candidates who express interest in the role come through our highly specialized and rigorous process so that we can evaluate all candidates and assess potential.

A recruiter dedicated to the project works one-on-one with both the client and each candidate.

A retained search works very well for companies who are looking to fill a senior position, a very confidential, or a highly critical role.

A Committed Search starts with an agreed upon fee. A portion of the fee is paid upfront to begin the process. The upfront fee is the only guaranteed payment. The final remainder of the agreed upon fee is due within 30 days of the candidate's start date.

If the client happens to source and hire their own candidate after the search is started, no other fees will be due.

Committed searches elevate the commitment and urgency to the search for both our recruiters and the hiring teams.

A contingency search involves an upfront fee agreement and is paid only when a client hires a candidate presented by the recruiter. Our best contingent work is done when we work exclusively with a hiring team who has made a commitment to interview and hire.

An ongoing contingency agreement is very beneficial to our clients as our executive recruiters are working exclusively in rail, transportation and mobility and their knowledge of the industry talent and industry needs is second to none.

As we see candidates who would benefit our client companies, we work to make those introductions continuously.

Partnering with Edna A. Rice

What are the benefits?

Partnering with us provides a range of benefits most companies simply can’t match. Confidentiality, extensive databases, and, in many cases, global reach are just a few of the reasons to call in Edna A. Rice Executive Recruiters.